Friday, June 29, 2007

The Look

I fell in love today, and I don't even know her name.

I was going through my normal morning routine: Strolling down the road to my favorite supermarket, I grabbed a bottle of carbonated water and a little multi-vitamin fruit juice thing. Got to stay healthy. Next stop is the fruit stand on the corner, run by this very charming and happy Turkish man. Grabbing an apple I start to make my way back to the pick-up point when I see a cafe that offers cheap cappoccinos. Naturally, I was intrigued. I sit down and start munching on my Royal Gala apple when the waitress appears.

Simultaneously, I think a dove flew somewhere in Tibet.

We locked eyes. I knew that if I said anything, we were going to get married. I did say something, but all that came out were spastic body movements. Literally, I didn't say a word... but just kind of convulsed. I don't know how she felt. She must have felt the electricity in the air. I could taste it. It tasted sweet.

She walked away, after I blurted out "cappoccino." But I saw her turn around. I swear she did. After that, I knew I couldn't talk to her. I'm not ready to get married. I'm too young. It's not our time. Soon. But not yet.

Have you ever had this happen? For some reason, not being able to break eye contact with a complete stranger? You may try to cast glance astray, but due to the reverse polarity, you are drawn back in.

Dear Waitress: I am sorry I couldn't speak. I can usually talk. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

Your first line reminded me of a country song (I know you don't care for country). Alan Jackson's I'm in love with you baby and I don't even know your name. Google the lyrics, it sounds like your situation. Oh my God your turning into a readneck! Please invite your parents to the wedding.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt:
I bet this will happen a dozen or so times before you come home - you're too cute!!