Sunday, June 17, 2007

Muchas Gracias

Much thanks to my friends and family who talked me out of leaving Munich. I guess I hit one of those "what the hell did I just do" spots that was inevitably going to occur. For about three days there, I was really questioning if this trip was going to be worth the effort. I even wrote in a past post that I was "dissappointed" or some other rubbish like that. I am not dissappointed at all. That was cranky Matt talking. I probably was hungry (shout out to Devin and Pat who insist that I get cranky when I am hungry).

I am having a great time here. I couldn't ask for anything more; except I wish I knew the language! But, that will come in time. I went through an entire meal today without speaking English, nor asking the waitress to (a meal consisting of my absolute favorite Munich dish: weisswurst. They are little white veal and herb sausages that are served for breakfast, along with a pretzel, sweet mustard, and a weissbier (wheat beer). They are encased in a thick condom-like casing that you must cut off in order to eat the insides. Sorry for that visual, but its pretty accurate. And so delicious!).

After talking to many of my best friends and family members I realized that I am incredibly lucky to be doing exactly what I am doing and I would totally regret doing otherwise. As Paul said, when I look back, I am going to be angry if I said, "Remember the summer of '07. That Physics class was great!" I say NAY. Hell no. I am going to be like, "Hey remember the summer of '07? Thats the time when I threw all of my fears and trepidations to the wind and began the adventure of a lifetime." That sounds better to me.

I am going to use this downtime that I so feared to better myself and do things I never could do otherwise. I am going to visit all of the museums here (there are a ton), eat the food in every restaurant, read the books I always wanted to read (the classics are free at, listen to good music (or at least what Gerry considers good music), learn German, and make a ton of mistakes. Yeah, that sounds about right to me.

Well, I am going to start reading this book called "That was Dachau." Part of the deal in being a tour guide with this company is that I give the Free walking tour, but I also must give a "select" tour. These have a set fee and are more focused. Much to my initial fear, I kind of volunteered to give tours of the concentration camp at Dachau. In order to do that, I am reading the book on Dachau. Let's hope this prepares me for the task that lies ahead: Somehow sharing the facts of one of the greatest crimes in humanity's history without breaking into tears each tour.

Here we go.

Cheers and Much Thanks,


abbie said...

YAY i am so happy for you! and jealous. i wish i could be galavanting around europe :)

Ray said...


Spoken like a true Reed we all get cranky when were hungry. Especially when we don't get our sweets. Maybe you can take some German language classes during your down time. Anyway that weisswurst sounds yummy. Love that description.

Uncle Ray

Mom said...

Your adventurous side exhausts me. Just take it all in. The summer of '07 has yet to begin for you! Learn the language!

Darlene said...

Hi Matt,

Live well, laugh often and love much....(i think that's how it goes) anyway enjoy yourself.

Your always on my mind.

Dad said...

I am glad Matt(y) is back! Besides you would look silly coming back to the US with those pants rolled up sipping cappuccino at Starbucks!