Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Bit of Hilarity

After a couple of minutes, I suddenly felt like I cheated you, my faithful readers, out of a post. I have been rather lazy in my posts recently, and I hang my head in sorrowful shame, begging for your forgiveness. There I go being melodramatic again.
Haha, anyway, I figured I'd share one of my favorite websites with you! It's the blog of Scott Adams, who is the guy who writes the comic "Dilbert." Many of you know that I have always loved Dilbert, (hence my screename. "Oh! That's what Drewbert means! Matt, you need a life...) He is absolutely hysterical, with a sort of logically-twisted/cynical mind. Check it out at:

He updates it daily and consistently makes me laugh out loud. Enjoy!


abbie said...

several random things--first i am really glad that you are staying and i can live vicariously through you. two, i have been on 2 consecutive bin mondays, and i feel like i am cheating on you or something. it is still fun though, and we go before 9:30 so we never miss the olives. three, i went to happy hour at vaughan's yesterday with jon and mary catherine and did you know from 2-6 $3 draft pints and half off apps? and FINALLY, best for last--you may or may not be planning to spend the rest of your life in germany, and if you ARE going to be there in september (2008...), there is a strong possibility that i will be escorting a pastel from our museum to an exhibition in germany, all expenses paid! YAY!

Katie Brewer said...

Good luck with the apartment search. And please, no more dilbert blog links. Pathetic excuse for a post! Come on now...