Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Coincidences and the Matt Reed Show

The place where I did karaoke the other night is closed! For good! What are the chances that I happen to find a place where I can express my musical yearnings to the utmost, only to have that opportunity wrenched from my kung-fu grip. I am crushed.

I'm sure there are other places. But what a coincidence. In fact, I've had a few spooky coincidences recently, now that I think of it. The other night, I was telling Katie about the Oliver Sach's book "An Anthropologist on Mars" (I have a way with the ladies, I know. Oh, and by the way, in response to the numerous questions I have received.... no, it's not like that. We are just friends. FYI: nobody here in Munich reads my blog, as I don't give out the address).

Shout out to all my Tutorial peeps. Anyway, I was telling her about the story of the guy who didn't have any memories after 1967. He had a brain tumor, or something along those lines, that blocked new memories from forming. However, he could remember anything prior to 1967. He was a huge Grateful Dead fan, and could recite lyrics and concerts from memory... as long as it was before 1967. Otherwise, he never retained a single post-1967 memory. Cool stuff.
I don't know why I chose to tell this story, but as I am telling it, "Truckin" came on the radio. What a coincidence! It wasn't a classic rock station or anything, but a playlist off a computer, I believe. I took it as a sign. An omen, if you will.
Today, I was eating my lunch at a Thai restaurant and the most random song popped into my head. It's called "Commissioning a Sympthony in C" by Cake. It is by no means a popular Cake song either and I have no idea why it popped into my head, but as I walked into my hostel after lunch (a good mile from the restaurant).... IT WAS ON THE RADIO!
Somebody is messing with me.

Truthfully, how many of you out there have ever had the serious thought go through your mind: "Am I on the Truman Show?" Dude. I have. Often. When I do something outrageously stupid (a fairly frequent occurrence), I just smile to myself and say, "That's damn good televison. They better have enjoyed that one."

Seriously, if my life is being filmed, I'm going to be pissed. Mom, Dad... is there anything you want to tell me?

Your son,
Matt (if that is your... I mean, my, real name)


fErDy said...

great notes, i love the way u write your blog. i think you should attached pictures of the places you go, it will be more interesting. or you can put slideshow. visit slide.com.


Mom said...

That is absolutely hysterical. Don't forget the way your dad thinks he can read my mind. Maybe it's just a talent you inherited.
(I'm tapping my forehead right now. You know what that means!) Love you, mom xxoo

Kristen said...


I drove by the Tick Tock Cafe today & decided that today would be the day that I finally posted a comment. I have enjoyed keeping up with your trip and words of wisdom, but have neglected coming up with any clever/witty/profound responses.

I've decided that each time I post a comment I'll include some "Classic Rock Quote of the Day". Today's quote is "Yeahhhhh" (U2, Desire); it's very sexy and very Matt.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and how much I admire you for having the courage and passion to embrace such an amazing adventure. Take in every moment and be well.

Until next time,

Waldi said...

dude. the other day when i was in brazil, i was telling this guy about chad smith, the robot dancer in step up 3 (crap film but chad smith is awesome, check him out on youtube). anyway, my portuguese sucks, and the guy could barely speak english, so i was struggling to express myself. we were dancing, you see, and we were trying to do some robot move competition (as you know i am an excellent dancer, especially with the help of some tequila and cachaca, of which there were plenty). so i was telling this guy about chad smith and trying, in vain, to explain how cool chad smith could dance. there was a large projector screen with some random VJ video clips on the one wall of the club. even as i was about to give up explaining, chad smith popped up on the screen, from one of the scenes in step up 3, doing his robot dance. "look over there," i said. "that's the guy. those are his moves." saved me a lot of trouble explaining. couldn't believe it, man. crazy.