Monday, June 11, 2007

It Has Begun

Today was the big day. Make or break. Go big or go home. Today, five of us newbie/potential tourguides had to give a fake tour to the city manager. Let me tell you, my nerves were out of control. For some reason I was incredibly nervous despite being relatively comfortable with the material. Over the past few days, I have gone on the tours of some of the veteran tour guides and attempted to learn their styles/jokes/pacing, etc. and hopefully incorporate that into my own tour. Now was the time to put my chops to the test.

After a shaky beginning (mostly due to nerves) I eventually fell into my groove. But of course, as we are all getting a little more comfortable with each other, the manager knocks two of the newbies out, saying that they did not have what it takes at this time. One was too nervous and jittery, one didn't know enough of her facts. Little did he know, that I was basically peeing in my pants with nervous energy. I guess I hid it well!

Three hours later....

I MADE IT! I am officially a tour guide with New Munich Walking Tours. At the group meeting, all I could think of was, "Oh shit. What do I do now?" All this time, giving tours sounded like such a great idea, but never a reality. But now it is reality, and I have to give my first tour in 10 hours! Oh well, here goes nothing...


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