Monday, June 11, 2007

It Has Begun

Ahhh shit. I just wrote this long post about how I officially became a tour guide, and the website just deleted it. I am pretty frustrated and tired (but very happy as well), so I am keeping this really short.

I was tested
I passed
I give a tour in 10 hours
I am peeing in my pants with anxiety.

I'll re-write the post tomorrow and let you know details.


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you. I wrote this long comment and the computer deleted it (did you have anything to do with that?)
Dad, Lauren and I were so happy to hear you got the job, not that we doubted it for a moment. We know how much you wanted this. I'm sure your tours will be wonderful and people will be coming back for more. You rule. Love, Mom xxoo

Ray said...

Hey Matt,

I took the liberty and sent you a case of depends adult diapers to get you bye the first couple of tours. Here's a quote from their web site. No "plasticky" feel, no "crinkly" sound, not big bulges under clothing. Oh well that last part is a real downer. Anyway congratulations and no need to thank me. Besides they offered free shipping!

Your Favorite
Uncle Ray Ray

L-Kat said...

Mommy forgot to add Bellarina is very proud too!