Thursday, June 28, 2007

I helped my buddy Murdoch move into his new apartment today. It started like any other day: I awakened to the chatter that fills my 40 bed dormroom each and every morning. Fumbling for my cell phone to check the time (watches are obsolete), I realized that it was exactly 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Dammit. That's not long enough to fall asleep again and not short enough to just jump out of bed. So I lie there, catatonic, staring at the bottom of the top bunk above me. Let's jump ahead...
So we're moving all Murdoch's stuff in with the help of some of his girlfriend's friends. After finishing, we sit out on the terrace with a few beers. Then, it happened.

I am not joking.

The two German girls started talking about David Hassellhoff.
I felt like the weight of the world was upon my shoulders. I was an American Atlas, upholding the stereotypes that abound about Germans. I had to call them out on it. I did.

The one girl starts talking about Baywatch. Oh my dear Christ, this is too good. The other girl slightly teases her and asks "what was his name in the show?" to which girl A replied "hahaha, [completely straight face] Mitch Buchannon."

Writhing in my little wooden chair, my toes were dancing with delight. I was actually wiggling my toes because I was so happy. The only thing that could have made this little vignette better was for some techno musik to suddenly come on and for everybody to start doing the dance from "Sprockets." That, or maybe just "Rock You Like a Hurricane". Needless to say (though I will), I was on Cloud 9 (without the cross-dressing. [Guess that reference!])

Back to apartment hunting. I have been banking on this one place, and after talking to the landlord, he said to call him back in a half hour. I did. "Oh sorry, I sold the place five minutes ago."

My hostel days are wearing thin. I can't take it anymore. It's too much. Must. Leave. Must. Have. Privacy. Thepeopleneverstoptalkingtheyaresorudeiheardsomedudepukinginthebathroom(ihopeitwasthebathroomtheothernightandcoudln'tgettosleepwoeismehisheartwasgoinglikemadandyesIsaidyesIwillYes.

Now that, Ladies and Gentleman, is a vague reference to something. Ten points for the winner.

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