Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Fountain of Youth

I think I have discovered the secret to long life. In the past, I would have said it was having a job or a hobby during retirement, and I still think that's part of it. My theory was that if people don't have something to look forward to each day, what's the point in waking up? Even the most basic job or hobby is enough to keep the mind occupied and life worth living.

But that's not what this post is about.
No, this is about love.

Matt. Are you serious? A post about love? And why the hell did you put it in italics? You're so melodramatic sometimes...

Here's what I mean: There is nothing as cute/inspiring than seeing an elderly couple in love... and I mean really elderly. I was sitting down for dinner recently in a little restaurant that serves typical Bavarian food. The waiter comes over and hands me the menu. I chose "swinebraten" or something like that. It was pork shoulder with a potato dumpling and some cabbage. Naturally, I order "ein helles" to wash it down. For those of you not in the know, "helles" is the regular sort of beer here in Munich. It's the kind we are all used to. I love it. I digress...
I start enjoying my meal when I look over my right shoulder and see a really old couple sitting at the table besides me. They must have been like 50 years old.


No, they were each about 80 years old. I caught them towards the end of the meal, right before the dessert. That's when it happened: The waiter brought the dessert over and they both simultaneously became so excited! The woman had the biggest smile on her face and muttered something in German and the man was obviously pleased as well.
They had ordered one ice cream bowl which they were about to share. Well let me tell you, they looked so happy to share that little bowl of ice cream with eachother that I just had to record the moment in my handy little notebook.
Then I started thinking/making up a story about them. Who knows how often they go out to eat. Maybe this is a daily event... and they always get this excited! Maybe this was special. Regardless, it was the cutest moment I have witnessed so far in Germany and it made me realize:

The second secret to long life is to have somebody to share it with.

By no means does that exclusively mean a spouse. Nah, good friends are just as valuable.
Anyway, that's my thought of the day. I woke up this morning with the "Macarena" stuck in my head. That was messed up.



YOUR MOTHER! said...

What did I tell you about cursing in your blog!! Your grandmother reads this. Oh boy, now you've really done it this time. Pleassse.

Sexy Paul said...

Matt... please share the rest of your life with me... I'll make you condom encased sausages which you have to pry open in order to eat for as long as we both shall live...

Jennifer said...

Warning, this post is reponding to your last few posts:

i'm glad to see your going to stick it out! I know I went through major homesickness when I first arrived in Germany, its an awful feeling to see everyone "living" their lives around you and you're just as capable of doing, but there's oh yea that language thing you need to communicate! Don't let that get you down. You should ask around if there are any "volkhochschules" - they generally offer classes like our adult evening classes for a pretty reasonable price and sometimes offer german for foreigners. Berlitz may be in Munich too, but it may be more expensive. I highly recommend taking a course, you'll pick it up so much quicker. Take advantage of the people working at the hostel too, they may be willing to bs with you and teach you new words on their down time.

Now giving tours of Dachau, that's something! Wow, I did a walking tour of Dachau, that was probably the worst and most graphic concentration camp that I visited (I visited three). Props to you for helping get out the story.

I think I wanted to respond to more of your comments, but I'm exhausted from work and can't remember...haha, I'll check in with you soon, good luck with the apartment search!