Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cute Old Woman and some Italians

I must say that the last few days have been extra exciting. Where to start? How about last night? Katie and I wanted to go out to this club place where there were two for one drink specials. Naturally, we can't just go to the club, but we have to drink before hand. To those of you not in college or recent grads, this is called "pre-gaming", and it is an art form. An art form that I have not mastered...
We started off in the hostel with a few drinks and I talked to a deaf guy. I don't know how many of you have ever "spoken" to a deaf person, but it is kind of a weird experience. I would always say things to him, then be like "Matt, you are pretty dumb." Eventually I just grabbed a peice of paper and started writing things down. Good times.
Next, we went to the Augustiner Beer Hall. Wow. At first, we couldn't find a seat to sit in, so we went to the back of the place. There, seated around a huge wooden table were about seven boisterous dudes. Katie and I sat with them (that's custom here in Germany. A table does not need to be open, but if a seat at a table is open, you may sit there). Soon we discovered that they were all Italians, and that one of them was getting married. After a stein of one liter of beer, we started becoming more friendly. Pretty soon, I was standing on the chair, giving a toast to the groom and singing Italian soccer chants. Funny thing: the Italians have, for some reason, adopted the guitar lick from The White Stripes song "Seven Nation Army" as their soccer chant. Travis had told me about this, but to actually hear it is totally different. They started singing it, and I sat there thinking "why do I know this tune?" Then it hit me. Then I joined in.
After taking a group picture, Katie and I left and went to the club. This is the first time I have ever been to a club... like a real club. You know that typical "Boom-chick-boom-chick" club beat that I always make fun of? Yeah, it was here. And it was loud. I can honestly say that I did not really enjoy it. Being pushed together so tight in a confined space made me claustrophobic, and more importantly.... I didn't have enough room to dance dammit! My knees kept knocking against other people. "I am here to dance... to express myself through the art of dance! Don't you understand!" They didn't. Then I lost Katie in the crowd. Then I went home.

I woke up today (with a hangover) and gave a tour at 11. It went great, but the best part was this old woman who came along on the tour. She's from Hartford (we talked about Trin) and she was here for the hiking! Hell yeah! She was a very sweet old woman who gave me a big hug after the tour ended, telling me what I great job I did and how my mother should be proud. Very cute.

With that, I am quite hungry. What to eat? Sushi? Nah, I'm really hungry. Indian food? Had that yesterday (there's a great place nearby. Ohhhh the curry...) Bavarian food tends to be pricey (I have to get a beer with a Bavarian meal. I feel guilty otherwise). Ah ha! I'll go to this place called "Bloom" where they do stir frys and some great pasta dishes. It's a very trendy place, and the dude makes a mean cappoccino. That sounds good to me. I allow myself one big meal, where I go all out, per day. Ok, bye!


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Anonymous said...

Uh, did I miss something? Who is this other katie in your life?!?!!?
- Brewer