Friday, June 8, 2007

Final Thoughts, a la Jerry Springer

After having settled into my hectic hostel in Munich (I live in a room with 39 other people) , I got to thinking about how I felt about Paris. Here are my concluding remarks:
At first, I truly did not like Paris. Dare I say, I kind of hated it. There was not enough of a culture shock for me. I felt like I was in NYC, but everybody spoke French instead. There was so much hype about going hither and tither... and it was not living up to its reputation. Perhaps it was the fact that I was living in bumblefuck 11 arr. It was kind of near the Bastille, which has some fun things in that area, but far enough away where it was a pain to get there.

Dude, no joke, they are playing the most stereotypical German techno in the hostel right now. "I'm dropping acid in Munich!"

Anyway, with each passing day, I seemed to enjoy Paris a little bit more. So much so, that by the end I kind of wished I could have had a few more days there. I think I am going to stick with my plan of transferring from the Munich branch of the tour guide company to the Paris branch come November. Houli will kill me otherwise. I need to see more of this city.

So far today, I've made a couple of tour guide friends. The current order of business is to study up on my Munich history in preparation for the "certification" process. I don't have any worries though. My nerdom prepared me.



Jerome said...

Hey man, I'm glad to hear you're getting settled and things are working out. I've been keeping up with the constant state of rest, relaxation and life loving. I think we finalized a time to come and visit, first week in august sound good to you? I'll tell you when i book the tickets. Good luck on your certification exams, and drink a pint for me

Lauren& Bellarina said...

Matthew, You are going to think I am a total idiot but I have to tell you this story. I started reading your latest entry while I am at work and I see that you were going to write your thoughts on Paris. My face lit up and I was so proud. I was thinking to myself he is keeping up with the news! He knows Paris Hilton has to go back to jail. I thought that I have finally rubbed off on you. Then I read on and I see you are talking abou the city. I will admit I was disappointed. I called mommy and told her the story and she hung up on me. I thought you would get a good laugh with this one. Stay Safe!