Sunday, July 1, 2007


I have a place to sleep that isn't surrounded by 39 other people!

The place, however, has.... hmmm.... "charm."

The building itself is located in a small courtyard off the street. You walk into the courtyard and see a bunch of buildings covered in ivy. Very nice. Then you step inside of my building. Up one flight of stairs, and there's my room. Walk in the door and you are greeted by a small lantern/mini-lamp that hangs at about chin level. Ok, that's kind of weird. No big deal.
To your left is the bathroom. You will see a normal toilet. That's cool, but where's the shower? Um, there is no shower. There's only a bathtub. Hahaha, that's "charming."

The room is decked out in 1930's furniture, including a leather chair (that kind with brass studs around the perimeter. For those of you who don't know my ultimate fantasy/goal in life, it is as follows: I want to have a big study or library in my future house. It will be furnished with leather chairs with brass studs, lots of dark woods, bear skin rugs, and lamps with that green glass. The walls are filled with thousands of history books in wooden bookcases and interspersed with portraits of the Marquis de Lafayette [my idol], Napoleon, FDR or Churchill, and various other historical figures. As I enter the room [in my silk smoking jacket] I reach into my jacket and pull out my pipe. I hate smoking, but I will smoke a pipe in my fantasy world. So, I light the pipe and sit down on my leather chair with brass studs. Right on cue, my two bulldogs waddle into the room to keep me company. The big fat one who sits at my feet: his name is Suleyman the Magnificent [I call him "Sooley" for short]. The fatter one, who slobbers on the furniture.... his name is Lu Bu, but I call him Louie. They enter the room and sit at my feet, while I smoke my pipe. I pluck a volume from the bookcase, and then stare proudly at my antique rifle case that is near the ceiling. Inside, there is an original m-1 Garand and a 1911 colt .45, along with many others. Smiling contently to myself, I think "isn't life grand?") and the room also has a bookcase! Sweet. It also has a nice couch, where many a drunken friend will pass out. Turn the corner and you will see my little kitchenette (that's redundant. Can there be anything but a small kitchenette? A large one would be.... well... a kitchen. I digress...)

It's located in Schwabing, which is the young part of the city. This is where the university is located and is the traditional artistic refuge of the city. Hopefully I'll fit in. I need to find some black rim glasses...
That's about it. I really hope nothing goes wrong with this one. It's perfect.

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Paul said...

You are the only person I know who longs to be an old man in a smoking jacket. You are so distinguished it makes me perspire.

does your new apartment have room for a guest?