Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Now, I am not one to get homesick (nothing against home or my wonderful family.... it's just that I never really get homesick. I guess I know I will be back eventually so there are no worries) but there is one thing in particular that I do miss very much:

Driving stick.

Manual transmissions are standard here (nice pun). I have recently been entertaining the thought of hot-wiring this sweet little black Maserati I always see parked on the road. Would it be wrong if I took out the car, but, I return it with a full tank of gas? I did him a favor! Anyway, I have that nagging/beautiful sensation in my hands: the need to grip the knob of the shifter, throw it into 2nd while travelling 30mph, the roar of the engine, the jump of the odometer, the shouts of the children as I pass. They throw their arms jubilantly into the air as I zoom by and shout "Go Matt GO!" Yeah.

I found free wireless internet right down the road from my apartment, so I will hopefully be on the internet a lot more often. Rocking. Hopefully I can get back into the blog routine. I enjoy doing this, as it keeps my mind busy: daydreaming as I walk down the road, thinking about what witty things I can write.

But not much today. I just finished my book, so I am off to the English language book store here to find my next poison.


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April said...

Hi Matt

If you really need to drive a stick, you should come visit us. A Passat station wagon is all we have and I know that that is no Maserati, but it is a stick!

Listen, we want to come up and visit. What's your schedule like next weekend (Aug 3-5)? Let me know. Call me or write me