Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fraternity, Liberty, Equality!

Happy Bastille Day.

Anyway, I realized today that I have superpowers.
Pretty cool, huh? What powers do I have, you might ask?


I mentioned in a previous post that I like to frequent this little Italian chain-place by my apartment. It is run by this very charming older Italian man, and he is the only reason I go there. The food is mass-produced, not enough, and sort of bland. But that guy is so nice, that I just keep going back. I was chatting with him at dinner a few nights ago, and he said to me that I have "a good look." Naturally, I let my right hand fall to my side and I put my finger around the trigger of my .45.... just kidding. He then went on to comment on how I am always smiling.

That's when it hit me.

A simple smile can do wonders. Try it out. I dare you. For no reason whatsoever, just be pleasant to the girl behind the counter of Starbucks. Now, of course we must tip-toe along that fine line between being friendly and just being plain creepy, but I have faith in you. You will probably make that person's day.

Which brings me to my next topic: That waitress I wrote about.
I have had requests to post a picture of her. ARE YOU FREAKIN' CRAZY! Here is the only way I could get a picture:

1. Put on my favorite trench coat, fedora, and sunglasses and sit in a van across the street for hours on end, waiting for that perfect photo opportunity.

2. Be Honest. Okay, here's how the conversation will go:
M: Hey, how's it going. Listen, can I take a picture of you?
W: Umm, that's weird. No. Why would you take a picture of me?
M: So that I can post it on the Internet for all my friends and family to see. I've written about you on my nerd-blog a few times.
W: Get out.
M: Does this mean we're not getting married?
W: Not in a million years.
M: So you're saying there's a chance?

There you have it. Have a nice day!


MOM said...


Anonymous said...

fyi i got an adorable kitten yesterday and his name is george and i love him. in yo' FACE.


swossi said...

Matt, get a cell phone with an integrated camera and play with it in the restaurant (I guess like anyone does). Then you wait for the right moment and make a picture of the beautiful waitress. Just make sure that the volume of your phone is turned off. Otherwise she will here the click noise and confront you ... and you finally have to marry her.

Good luck, Carsten

April said...

Hi Matt

We're working on coming to visit. I guess we'll have to make sure that it includes a Wednesday so that we can see her in person ;-)

I'll keep you posted.