Monday, July 30, 2007


I love finding out new quirks that I have: Little things that I always do yet never realize. Here is a short list of my own physical/mental quirks:

-Whenever I put on deodorant, I have to simultaneously put on my "Putting on Deodorant Face". I kind of reach my neck up and make a fishy face (Bass face, anyone?). Why? No idea.

-Often, when I am walking down the road thinking or even sitting in my room thinking, I often reply to my own thoughts out-loud. Yeah, I answer my own thoughts. More than once, somebody has caught me talking to myself and I usually play it off like I was singing or something.

-I bite the insides of my cheeks

-I am obessive about not having food on my face.

-I wiggle my toes inside of my shoes. Often.

Now it's your turn. Spend today really analyzing thyself and see if you can find some weird quirk that you never noticed before.


Houli said...

Weird Quirk No. 1:
I have a huge crush on Matty Reed and can't wait to see in in Paris!

Aunt Kathy said...

TMI!!!!!!!!! :)