Sunday, July 8, 2007

All is well!

Hello everybody!
So, what is new in the life of Matt? Well, yesterday I was on the verge of seeing the most awe-inspiring spectacle on the planet... until I chickened out. It is called "Deep Space Night." Jane nearly convinced me to go to this apparently very popular rave in Munich that has a Star Wars theme to it. Serious. Darth Vader comes out in the middle and does a dance with the Storm Troopers. I am not making this stuff up.

Why the hell would I miss such a golden opportunity, you might ask?
Dude, really think about it for a moment. It sounds like a great idea. It might be fun. But in all honesty, it would be hysterical for about 5 minutes... then it would just get scary. These people are actually enjoying this! In order to spend more than 38 seconds in that place, I would need a bag over my head and also be under the influence of heavy horse tranquilizers. I don't think I could handle it otherwise. How do you dress for a thing like that?
Anyway, I didn't go because I decided to go out with another group of friends instead.

Basically, I have three groups of friends here: 1- my tour guide buddies and everybody who works for the company. That's Murdoch, Murray, Jane, Katie (who left for Switzerland), and associates. 2- Natalie and Philip. I met them when I did karaoke at the Irish Pub, and we totally hit it off and are good friends now. Natalie is my partner in musical expression here (we sing at any given opportunity). 3-My German buddies Josef, Steffi, and Sabine. In order to tell how I met them, I must be brutally honest. Sorry! So, I was stumbling home one night (I was....uhh.... studying.... yeah, studying real hard that night) and I see these three people ahead of me. Sabine turns around and asks me something in German, to which I have been programmed to automatically reply "Sprecken zie English?" They were looking for a place to go to, and I just happen to be ending my night, so I showed them someplace and actually stuck around with them. We had a great time! Now, we're buddies and hang out on the weekend. I am actually supposed to meet up with them for an open air opera in about 15 minutes. Good stuff.

Observation of the Day: I love it when people do the "I'm Ready" dance on the subway. When the U-Bahn is totally packed with people, and a person's stop is next, without fail that person will do a little dance of adjustment to signal to the others that, in fact, he or she is ready to exit. I think it's pretty funny.

Thar be it. It's time to steal toilet paper from my old hostel. Come on... they had three weeks of my business: The least they could do is part with a roll of their sand-paper TP. How am I going to get it out of there? Oh god... yeah.... smuggle it in my shirt. Oh, how desperation can turn the most unassuming into the biggest lame-ass. Woe is me.

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Katie Brewer said...

I like that the picture of katie is basically her ass. Classy, as always! ;) PS, I spent like 8 hours writing you that email- write me back bitch! And Doug seconds that. Jeez. Love, KB