Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Alive and Well

Jeez, I miss a post for a few days and I feel like I am cheating on you, my faithful reader. Unfortunately, this will be the norm for now on, as I have moved out of my 40-bed dorm room and into my new apartment!

Dude, the place is awesome. I already gave you a run-down of some of the specifics, but after sleeping there for a night, I have a new appreciation. Besides being in the best part of town (Schwabing, the student district), besides being surrounded by countless cafes and restaurants, besides being on a rather quiet street in a house that sits in a wooded courtyard.... I have my own place! The freedom is incredible! No drunk people are puking in my bathroom! It's my own bathroom. No, it doesn't have a shower... but its got a damn good bath tub. I christened that bathtub today (after thoroughly bleaching the entire tub and toilet). Good times.

Unfortunately, I do not have internet at my place (nor TV. But, I do have a tape player with jazz cassettes!), so I will not be able to be online as often as I was before. But I think three times a week or so is totally possible.

In response to a question from Sexy Paul: is there room for a guest. Honestly, I could have four people sleep in the room. My actual room is kind of huge, with a couch and all. So, if anybody wants to come visit little ol' me in Munich, you certainly have a place to stay. Just be ready to take a bath.

I am going to try and post some pictures now. Let's see how that goes.

ps. Everything else in life is going great. Tours are going well. Life is grand.

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mom said...

I am so happy for you. Your place sounds so awesome. You, take a bath? Unbelievable.
Your description sounds like a story book lane, wooded and all. Take pics! Dad and I want to see everything. Make sure you lock your door at night!! Love you, mom xxoo