Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wow... I'm stunned. Let's Examine:

I had a couple of really... um.. "biting" comments on one of my previous posts.

I think I was called "idiot" and "stupid" by two different people. Besides the name-calling, I am not really that affected by those kinds of comments. I imagine that these people who commented don't read my blog ever, and are not aware of my twisted type of humor, meant solely for entertainment. I apologize. No offense was meant to prostitutes or tour guides. The post has been deleted.

Most of my postings are just things that I think about randomly whilst meandering down the streets. And then, for your entertainment and mine, I write about it! They are meant purely to entertain or get people thinking, depending on the post. That one was obviously for entertainment only. I don't actually think tour guides are like prostitutes, nor the other way around, nor are prostitutes "bad" nor do I know much about the lifestyles and risks associated with prostitutism or anything like that.
However, the comments left got me to thinking: Am I "different" in the way I think? Or am I just an idiot for sharing them with everybody? The former is questionable, the latter is a definite. Let's see...

What are you thinking about most of the time while walking down the street? Thoughts are probably running through your head, so what are they? I tend to think about nonsense.

For example, I often think about how I would steal things. Weird huh? I plot ways that I would use a divertion or slyly slip undetected past a lone, generic security guard, take out the security cameras, only to quickly karate chop him in the neck so I could use his hand for the fingerprint scanner. What makes it worse is that there are never security guards and I don't even know karate.

I also think about food a lot. I plan what I will have for dinner or breakfast or an afternoon snack. One of my favorite pastimes in Munich is going to new restaurants as often as possible. I love exploring. Yesterday I had a pasta dish in a cream sauce with roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, topped with a bed of arugula. Delicious! Mission accomplished.

I sing a lot while walking down the road. I am fascinated when random songs pop into my head in the morning, so I sing them. There must be a reason that James Taylor's "Mexico" is stuck in my head. I don't know anything but the chorus!

I try to "figure people out." While walking behind somebody, I try to discern as much as I can from just what I can see. Do they walk with a limp? Maybe they had a major accident. Do I hear change jingling in the pockets? Change usually means bills which usually means successful job. How are the shoes? Forrest Gumps was right, as you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Are they utilitarian, using the same pair of shoes for basically everything ( a suit paired with sneakers is a good example of this)? Stuff like that. Of course, I can expect a comment (or thought) saying "Matt, you are just stereo-typing these people! You don't know anything about them!" My response: Um, yeah. That's kind of the point. I am making up stories about them for my own entertainment and to pass the time as I walk down the road. No harm done!

In closing: I hate it when people mis-interpret my motives, or my saying/doings come across as harmful. It's not their fault at all. It just kind of sucks.



Anonymous said...

Dude, don't allow somone's mis interpretation of your wit to supress your expression. You are who you are and feel what you feel. Be yourself and stay confident in your observations. Always remember... in life, you'll always face oposition in whatever you do. Don't give in and stay true.

Anonymous said...

matt, you are not are prostitute, they have to pay taxes and social insurance, you don't

Paul said...

you also have to think about who would stumble across your blog, most likely googling the word "prostitute"

...I don't think someone of that nature would be the upstanding-ist of citizens.

and anonymous #2 is right, you're not a prostitute, you're more of a slutty waitress that gets a huge tip at the end of the meal because of her extra cleavage.

sorry if you're reading this, matt's family

Anonymous said...

Matt, You really are a little whore, maybe even a dirty birdie!

MOM said...

This is directed to Paul:
I adore you. I always say you are the good son.