Thursday, August 9, 2007


I hate mis-communications! They happen so often, and usually a calm and collected assessment of a situation can correct these unfortunate circumstances. Today, there was a miscommunication at work that is far too complicated to get into in detail, but in the end, it makes me look like I was screwing some other guy out of money.

That is completely not the case, and a review of today's events and who said what to whom would show, clearly, that of course I was not at fault. Maybe a mistake was made, but not a deliberate one.

I feel like we, society, need an honorable agreement that if somebody shouts "schananigans!" everybody freezes in their place....
Time stops.
Then, the parties concerned calmly explain their situations to their eager and open-minded collegues.


There. I feel better already. Thanks reader. I feel like I just got off of the psychiatrist's couch.

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