Friday, August 17, 2007

Knock on Wood

A friend of mine (Paul) said something to me the other day which didn't really affect me at the time, but after later consideration, it scared the crap out of me. He said to me, "Matt, you have such a good life." (Or a derivation thereof).

Now, I have considered this before, yet the concept still bothers me. Allow me to explain:
I have never faced real hardship in my life. To tell you the truth, its been pretty smooth sailing for 22 years.

Deaths in the family? Sure. But that is bound to happen to everybody.
Illness? No, not really. Nothing serious. Never broken a bone. I had stitches in my chin once at Robin's birthday party at an ice skating rink in sixth grade. I was trying to show off and fell on my face.
Starvation? Quite the opposite.
Relationship problems? Hahaha, nothing big. I have been fortunate to have been "involved" with fantastic girls in my past (some of them read this blog!). No death threats yet.
Family life? Fantastic.
Social life? Wonderful. Always been surrounded by many kind, loyal friends.

I've always had high-tech gadgets (I am writing this on a laptop), plenty of money (I am eating a freakin over-prices salad in Munich right now!), no government suppression (at least overt), no religious persecution, etc.

It is for this reason I want to be a doctor, I think. To give back. I've had it pretty good. I need to do something in life that gives others that opportunity. Yeah, that sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

Matt, Mom and I know you would make a wonderful doctor. Your outlook on life is what the world needs more. We are very proud of you.

Love Dad

Mom said...

Matthew, you made me cry today. Reading your blog blessed my heart. You are and have always been, even as a child, so appreciative of whatever you got, whether it be a toy or to watch a television show you wanted to watch. It is for all of the above we spoiled the crap out of you. You have a giving heart and you're right, you have had a fantastic family life, from your immediate family to all your aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents, etc. We all believe in you in whatever you decide to do in life.
We adore you.

Anonymous said...

Mommy forgot to add Bellarina in the whole family thing