Monday, August 6, 2007

need rest

This has been an insane past few days. I am so tired, I shall only list my adventures.

Friday: Morning tour. Done at 2:00. Proceeded to give my personally designed Beer Garden Tour for the next five hours to a group of 11. Passed out.
Saturday: Morning tour. Done at 2:00. Proceeded to give a private tour. I had no idea what to expect. I show up to pick up the group at their hotel:
They're Irish.
They're already drunk.
They're on a bachelor party.
They're cops from Dublin.

Oh my dear God, this is going to be a long night.

I proceed to get absolutely HAMMERED with these 15 Irish cops. I drink 4 liters of beer in 4 hours and give a sort of tour about the Nazis, but basically just chat with them and pretended like I understood all of their sentences. The best was the father of the bride's brother, whose accent was so thick and undecipherable that even the other Irish guys can't understand him. Great. He told me about 17 jokes about the parish priest or something. I just laughed as hard as I could whenever he stopped speaking. That seemed to keep him happy.
Then I went on a Pub Crawl to help out the new guy.
I'm not proud of this night. Way too drunk. Pass out.

Sunday: Wake up. OH dear Lord, I want to drill a hole into my head to relieve the pressure. Second worst hangover of my entire life (the adventure in NYC with Jerome was the worst, but that's another story). I have to give a tour. I do it. I nearly puke twice on my tour. When will the agony end!
Pub Crawl that night. I don't touch a drop of alcohol. It is karaoke night however. That raises my spirits.

Monday: I write my blog after my tour. I have to basically run the company while the boss is in Berlin. 7:33pm, I write a sentence about this exact moment. I just finished a large salad with chick peas, mixed greens, tuna, and feta in a lite honey mustard dressing. I am in the mood for tea. My local tea shop is closed. I think I will go see my ice-cream girl.


I went to get ice cream/see her the other day, and though she didn't serve me, the other woman did. HOWEVER! She looked at me and coyly smiled at me. My toes wiggled. She is so cute. Natalie agrees. I will.... oh yes.... I will get up the nerve to actually ask her for a drink or something. In time.

Until next time,

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Mrs. Tommy Lee said...

Why haven't you called home to check on Bellarina?