Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not Just a Tour Guide

I gave one of my most personally satisfying tours today. You know, I give basically the exact same tour every day. But today was especially great because I had a kid on the tour. He was probably about nine years old, and smart as a whip. I never hold things back when kids are on the tour, so as I am talking about the rise of the Nazis, he asks a wonderfully innocent and intelligent question:

"Were the children in Germany evacuated during the war?"

That's a brilliant question! And it made me even happier that he actually asked it to me. I told him that that was a very good question and then I repeated it to the group and said, no, the children were not evacuated, and proceeded to talk to them about the Hitler Youth.

But, upon reflection, I realized something. I am not just a tour guide. I guess doing the same thing every day makes me not really appreciate the value of some of the things I talk about. But here is this kid who will hopefully remember the things I told him. I actually might have influenced his life! That's a crazy and comforting thought.

When you think about it, I am really just a teacher/professor who gives the same lesson every day to different people. That's pretty cool.

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paul said...

you DO have a good life. haha thats awesome dude. i miss ya man.