Monday, January 14, 2008

Sexy M.F.

I am reasonably sure that Prince is not human.

I mean, come on. The man has defined sex for thirty years. Well, maybe not your straight forward, conservative, missionary position meant-for-procreation sex- but he has remained a symbol of sexuality... however you define it. If there are any doubts in your mind, watch this video:

You don't see Phil Collins dancing with Beyonce! I don't think anybody wants to see that. "Up next, you may remember him as the balding pasty white dude who brought you such hits as 'I Can't Dance' and 'In The Air Tonight'..."

No, Prince was the guy making songs titled "Head", "Kiss", "I Love U In Me", "Feel You Up", "Horny Toad", and of course, "Pope".

So get out there, throw Purple Rain on your turntable, and get groovy with that special one... even if you met him/her the night before.

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