Thursday, January 17, 2008

Living on the Dole

It's tough living on the fringes of Parisian society. Money has been tighter than Mama Cass's waistline after the breakfast buffett with lots of milk. Honestly, I envy her. I've been living off of baguettes, camembert, (which is much better than brie, in my experience) and multi-fruit juice for the past six days. It might sound nice at first. Warm, freshly baked bread spread with the most delicate and creamy cheeses enjoyed in the breezy Parisian air...

Try eating that shit for a week. I have a headache and an artery harder than Bob Dole at the Moulin Rouge.

What hurts most is realizing the complete change in lifestyle. In Munich I was riding high, spending dollar bills like it was my business (well, actually euro notes... but that's not as catchy). One night it was schweinsbraten mit drei knoedel, the next it was tagliollini with mushrooms in a white wine sauce. I was living life to the fullest.

Now, I am eating four day old milk products off of an old dirty spoon. Things could be better.

But hell, I'll keep going. I'm in Paris for god's sake.

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Mom said...

You're killing me.