Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jukebox Hero

I have never really met or seen a celebrity in real life. Until now. I think. I am fairly certain that a few days ago I met a celebrity. I think.

It was on my Dachau tour (which have since ceased and the sky is blue once again). I had an English couple on the tour who were very friendly and chatty. The guy was very English, enough so that I had trouble understanding him. Anywho, we finish the tour and are on the train ride back to Munich. He had some intelligent things to say on the tour, so I decided to grace them with my presence (how kind of me) for the duration of the ride. We got down to talking about why I am here, how long I intend to stay... blah blah. What about him? "I'm a musician." Now I fancy myself somewhat-kinda-understanding of music and the whole "musician" process, so I prodded a little further. "What kind of music?" "Ohh you know, rock."

Hmmm. He has no idea that I also fancy myself a bit of a ROCK GOD. Well, not really (maybe a Rock sub-Deity), but I know some pretty obscure old stuff. Regardless, I must dig deeper...

"Cool. Where did you play?"
"Oh, we opened for the Who in Munich once, but really all over the place."

what. Did you just say you opened for the Who? Ok, this dude has to be slightly famous. Now to find out who he is:

"Would I know any of your stuff?"
"Nahh, mumblemumblemumble"
"Haha, give it a shot. I know some pretty obscure stuff."
"Nahh, don't worry about it. Nevermind."

Either this dude sucks, or he is famous. I ask his name. "Oh me? James mumblemumble". That's it. That's all I got. His name is James, and he purposely didn't audibly say his last name, as he knew I might know him or I might look him up.

Taking all these factors into consideration:
1. He works in the studio now.
2. His band opened for the Who once.
3. He has met Jimmy Page on many occasions.
4. He didn't want to tell me his name.
5. He didn't want to tell me any songs his band played.

I have come up with the following answer:
He was a one-hit wonder.

How freakin cool is that! I didn't say this to him, but in my mind, while talking to him, I was screaming! This dude might be from Stealers Wheels! The Outfield! JOHN CAFFERTY AND THE FUCKING BEAVER BROWN BAND! (wait, his name is James...)

My god. He could be the dude from A-ha. My head is spinning.


Anonymous said...

James Honeyman-Scott from "The Pretenders"


Matt said...

Unfortunately, James Honeyman-Scott died "in a drug related" death in 1982. Thanks wikipedia. Sorry Dad.