Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Intelligence of a Newt

You fucking idiot.

Oh Sultan of Stupidity, Master of the Moronic, Newt Gingrich, let me list the number of ways you have proven that you lack an iota of intellect:

1. You publicly announce your support for covert operations. "Covert" means secret. Let's re-phrase this: You came out and announced to the world that you want the US to secretly target Iranian oil and gas facilities to destabilize the Iranian government. This, at a time when Ahmadinejad (yeah, I had to Google the spelling) accuses the US of interfering in the Iranian elections! Well, you just justified that ridiculous and xenophobic argument! You made A-mad's saber rattling more legitimate. You are an idiot.

Now, the moment some facility has an accidental (I held back from placing accidental in quotes) explosion, guess who they are going to blame? Or, let's hope the Tehran isn't so cynical as to pull a Reichstag Fire incident...

2. You publicly announce your support for covert operations-- on Al-Jazeera, a news outlet that, oh, let's be generous and say 4% of Americans read. So, you are obviously not trying to appeal to your domestic constituents. What are you trying to do, Gingy? Provocation seems the only logical motivation. Hell, an angry Iran (I dare not even mention a possible war) would be great for the failed Republican Party (actually, just those aged Cold warrior, moot, war mongering Republicans). What better way to slander the new Obama tactic of actually talking to Iran, rather than just posturing and flexing your muscles at each other, hoping that one of us loses their respective Nationalist boner before the other does. An angry Iran and a shouting Iran is good for those who desire power in the US.

3. The Reagan technique? Wait. Eastern Europe was throwing off the chains of a Soviet imposed system during the 1980's. They did not choose that system of government. Just ask the Hungarians about trying to topple the Soviet regime in their country. Iranians, though dissenting, are not fighting against a foreign power. The current election scandal is a domestic struggle. The Velvet Revolution was a domestic struggle against a foreign influence. Different situation. Gingrich, again, justifies A-mad.

There you have it. Gingrich is an idiot.

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