Thursday, July 30, 2009

At Least They're Not Drinking Wine

Now, I can understand the viewpoint of the MA senator. Budweiser is an un-American company. It hates freedom. It is the Benedict Arnold of Brews. The Quisling of Quaffs. The Petain of Partytime. For Obama to choose such an un-American beer to drink is political suicide and demonstrates his lack of political know-how and leadership. He has failed to grasp the views and dreams of the "real" American, the Sarah Palin American...

Why the FUCK is CNN wasting it's time, again, on such drivel! It proves nothing, enlightens nobody, and advances no thought or insight. I say, again, that CNN sucks.

Why do I check CNN almost daily then? Well, the website is set up brilliantly. The content, however, isn't worth the "0" and "1"s it's made of.

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