Thursday, July 30, 2009

god or God?

I don't believe in God. Let's be reminded of that.
I was going through my own blog archives recently and came upon an old post where I basically posited that God must be a universal set of morals. That's it. If there is a set of morals that can apply to everyone, that is God. Why? Because "God" must apply to everyone, right? If he/He's all powerful and created all, then he must apply to all. I think that's a valid statement. If we can't all adhere to a set of morals, ostensibly proscribed by Him, then some of us must knowingly not be of His loins. Boom, he just proved He doesn't exist. Otherwise, God created the world and man in his image, except for the ugly one's who don't believe in him. Then where did they come from? They look a lot like us. My point.

Then, a friend of mine countered in the "comments" section that there are no universal morals. That's apparently Philosophy 101 (I never took a philosophy class in college).

My point. If there is not a single idea or moral conduct that everybody can adhere to, there is no God.

Or, I'll concede, there is no single God. Maybe a different God for different people. Maybe the different gods are chilling out in the sky, having a couple of mugs of Nectar, laughing at us as we try to figure it all out. Odin is passed out in the corner, while Shiva impresses all with his patented Six-Fisting Chug. Buddha lets out a wet one, tumbles to the floor in a fit of laughter, and makes Yahweh squirt Nectar out of his nose. They all high five. That's awesome.

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haley said...

I DO think there is a single moral ideal that we can all adhere to and anyone who doesn't understand that doesn't understand their own personal or otherwise God or god. Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal... these are obvious moral values that - no matter what name your god uses - are HUMAN rather than religious. And so all religions are based upon the sound moral understanding that we can all agree on, God or no god. (I don't believe in God, either, by the way, but I DO believe in good and bad and knowing the difference.) If you need a God to have a following of people that tell you what you should feel or do, then you don't really understand to begin with and God help you. If you don't, call your God whatever you want but he/she/it is the same as my non-god and everyone else's God or god or non-god... it is US being human. Fair, good, human...

Thanks, Matt!