Sunday, September 9, 2007

LOST in Switzerland

Hey everybody, I am alive and well over in our neutral friends to the east, Switzerland. I am here visiting my cousin April, husband Carsten and baby Vivian (though not quite a baby anymore...). The plane ride over here was interesting. You see, I have been watching, religiously, the first season of LOST on DVD and have become a bit obsessive about it. Naturally, when I boarded my plane my first thought was "who am I going to get stranded on a desert island with?"

Lets look around: There is a priest in one of the first rows. Thank God (literally).
Who else? Scanning the plane, I cast my eyes to the guy sitting next to me. Oh man, its "the black guy". In typical Hollywood fashion, this guy has worked his ways up from living in a broken home in poverty stricken Oakland to a successful law career located by the blinding lights of Rodeo Drive. I need to meet this guy. Too bad. He only speaks German. So much for the Oakland story line.
How could my TV series be complete without a foxy and mysterious female lead? Luckily, both of the flight attendants were more than suitable. Can anybody smell Love Triangle! I hope not, because I dont know what that smells like. Regardless, they were hot and I was intrigued. This is perfect.
Across from me is the jaded and slightly grumpy elderly guy in the tweed coat. He had big ears. They were huge. Comedy is in the air.

And emerging from the inner depths of my imagination, we find ourselves back in reality and the continuation of my blog post...

I have not posted in a week or so due to this being a crazy time. My initial worry was that once I left Germany, I might not be able to get back in because my visa is expired (90 days in the EU and I have been here for 93 or so). Though the promise of having a cool "Let me tell you how I got deported" story was enticing, I decided against it and pursued legal measures to ensure my stay in Germany is not my last. After an hour in the "Foreigners Office" I am officially allowed to stay in Germany until the end of the month. Famous last words.... lets see if I make it back in one peice.

Otherwise, a bit of good news. The owner of the company (who is 28 and from Greenwich, CT) came on one of my tours incognito (I played stupid. I knew he was on my tour, but pretended I didnt know who he was) and enjoyed himself thoroughly. After a coffee break with him (cappoccino, naturally), he revealed that he wants me to stick with the company and train to become a City Manager. Think about it! I could be the proud owner of a capitalized title! City Manager. That sounds official. What is after City Manager? I assume "Lieutenant Commander".

Anyway, therefore I get to go back to Germany in November, except this time to Berlin. I will spend a month in Berlin, giving tours, rocking out, and learning how to become a "City Manager". After that, a few months in Paris as Co City Manager, then off to Madrid (probably) as the real deal City Manager. We shall see what happens.

Well, dinner is nearly ready. I will post again on Tuesday.


Paul said...


We need to talk, I'm going to email you soon.

Jennifer said...

haha can i admit i had the same reaction on a plane after watching lost? i still get nervous lol, that opening scene with the piece of plane hitting the shore has really stayed in my mind!

btw congrats on this city manager gig! That sounds awesome! It sounds like you're doing great over there, I'm so jealous! Have a great time with oktoberfest! I hope you're learning some german too so we can speak when you get back!!!