Friday, September 21, 2007

It Starts...

Tomorrow is the big day: the first day of Oktoberfest. I imagine tonight I will sit up in my bed all night, clutching my pillow in eager anticipation of the big day. I feel like I am eight years old all over again. It's like Christmas all over again, except instead of presents, I get beer! Instead of family, I get throngs of drunk Australians. Instead of the birth of Jesus, I get to see the pre-conception ceremonies of many a drunken couple. Riveting.

In other news, another guy died in China from a gaming binge. That's right, this guy died because he was so into a computer game that he neglected his... umm... life.

Am I going to Hell, because the only reason I read the article on is because I wanted to see what game he was playing. If it was Halo, alright dude, I'll cut you some slack.

Can you truly imagine it! This dude was like, "Hour 34 of World of Warcraft. I havn't eaten in three days. Basic hygiene has been abandoned. My mage is at level 23. Must keep going." I am almost tempted to say that this is an admirable display of willpower (or lack thereof). He actually ignored his hunger and fatigue in favor of electronic entertainment. Wow. I couldn't do that. They consider binge gaming an addiction in China (it really is), treatable at "internet addiction" clinics. How does rehabiliation work for these people? I imagine that they just open the windows in a room, "Fear not! This is light. That is sun. It is your friendly yellow friend. Go meet him." Then they throw a couple of beach balls outside and start playing "keep-away" from the fat kid. That always seems to join people together in a spirit of joviality.

*Reality check: I am sitting in a cafe, injecting cappoccinos into my veins, writing a smartass web entry. Seek help. And, while I am being honest, this is the video I am watching at the same time. I apologize to humanity for sharing this.*


Mom said...

David Hasselhoff!!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a little boy of about 10 years old with his bedroom door shut playing Nintendo with beads of sweat on his head and hands shaking and his father saying to him you have to go outside and play like the other kids. Sound familar!