Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iran Away From Talks

Iran will build an atomic bomb. Get over it.

They have everything that a nation needs to build one: money (thanks oil! Though new sanctions might have some effect on this, China will always pick up any slack), sufficient land mass to hide nuclear reactors from prying international observers, a wealth of intelligent people, and the right tools (thanks Russia!).

Iranians are not a backwards people living in a desert nation. The Iranians are an advanced people with a rich and complicated history. How can one honestly think that they can't produce something today, with 2012 technology, that the US produced in the 1940's (in the desert, mind you)?

Instead of shouting that we can't allow them to build a bomb, the discussion should focus on what to do with a nuclear-armed Iran. Proliferation, containment, retaliatory capabilities, and above all-- most importantly-- diplomacy.

Diplomacy has never been actually used. Washington has not actually talked to Tehran. There have been no summits, no handshakes, no photo ops. No back channels, no special envoys, no cultural delegations. Only ultimatums and sanctions. Frankly, it's time to realize that the current model doesn't work.

Given the tensions in the US-Iranian relationship, the diplomatic option must be explored. If there is to be any progress, the US must not allow a lobby to lead it to war.

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