Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Pledge Allegiance to the... Internet?

In time, fewer and fewer people will identify themselves by their nationality and more by their ideas. In a globalized, mass communications world, where ideas are shared instantly and people can find others with similar interests, organize, and communicate with complete ease, the idea that you are where you are born will resonate much less. Allow me to twist Descartes slightly: I think, therefore I am what I think.

There are signs all around. Take this article in the New York Times:

The idea that products are exported is becoming antiquated. No longer are they made in X and sold in Y, but now they are made in X and Y and sold in Z too! Commodities are a Made in the World.

I don't see individuals with access to vast resources at their fingertips maintaining an allegiance and self-identification to the place where they were born. It seems unnecessary.

It's early and I'm tired. I'll rewrite this later.

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