Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Triumphant Return

Yes, yes... I have returned to those good ol' United States here in America. Since my passport expired and I was not quite in the mood to get deported from Germany (though that would be a great story), I chose to come home for a few weeks. Well, I didn't "chose" per se. It was the logical decision to make, but, as you have read, logic isn't always the motivating force in my life decisions. Either way, around mid-November, my travels will begin once again and take me to my next stop: Berlin. (Soon to be followed by Paris, and later Madrid.)

So far, it has been rather relaxing at home. Long days of lying in bed watching the second season of LOST (which, I delightfully forgot to mention, was the show I was watching in bed, in my underwear, when the mime called [see previous post]), trips to Hartford and NYC to visit friends, and cruising down the boulevard, windows down, sunglasses on in my gangsta-mobile.

I realized recently that I had to make the decision as to whether I should continue writing my blog, as it was originally conceived as being simply a way of sharing my travelling experiences with friends, family, etc. But, after some thought I have decided to continue writing here, as I find it rather therapeutic! So, look forward to more blog posts coming your way; chock full of imaginative detritus, random rantings, indulgent tangents, and stupid stories.

Until next time,


Jason said...

Matt, just wanted to say whats up and let you know that I have been checking the blog from time to time. Love the stories, makes me miss Europe. Enjoy the US re-up, and continue to live it up once you get back to Europe.

-Jason Saline

Erin said...

uuhhh there will be tears shed if you visit nyc and i am not informed. i live in brooklyn now! and it's awesome.