Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blood Sport

Sorry for the lack of blog-posts recently. In all seriousness, I am so bored here that there is not too much to write about. No crazy thoughts have entered my head (fancy that). No random encounters with poetry reciting geriatric Englishman on subways at two in the morning (did I tell you about that one? It's rather self explanatory I think). Nope, just spending my days at home watching my limbs slowly deteriorate from inactivity. Wake up at 11, take a few laps around the kitchen, then basically waste time until the evening. Fascinating and productive... I know. You must be so jealous.

No Matt, dammit, you need to keep sharp! What is there to write about? There has to be something out there that catches your fancy. Hmmm...

What's the deal with obsessive sports fans? You know: those guys who break the flat screen with a well aimed remote control because Joe McMan missed the field goal. I have never understood how people could get so frustrated over something they have absolutely zero influence and zero control over.
Perfect example: Red Sox and Yankees fans. Now, I am not a big sports fan, but I like watching football and baseball. Sure. However, I don't have a "team" per se. Except when I am watching baseball with a Red Sox fan. All of a sudden I ready to carve the "NY" symbol into my forehead with a dirty fountain pen and I am quite willing to take the lives of those around me. Why? Normally I don't care who wins or loses, as it doesn't matter, but having one person say to me "Yo, Yankees suck" gets me so aggravated and frustrated that I want to do violence.

Watching sports is the modern equivalent of gladiatorial games. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I guess my question is why the violent outbursts from the spectators? Hmm... Think about those who you know who are prone to fits of anger while watching sports. Are they prone to fits of anger in other situations in normal life? The first few people I am thinking of (I wouldn't dare name names) definitely are. Interesting, I think.

Chew on that,

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