Friday, August 7, 2009

"To Die Dreaming"

My current obsession, as far as non-alcoholic drinks goes:

Morir Soñado-

Served in a high ball glass
1/2 Orange Juice
1/2 Milk
teaspoon sugar
teaspoon of vanilla extract

Make sure there is a little more OJ than milk. Pour over ice. Shake it up. Serve ice cold.

This is a Dominican drink that my good friend Miguel the Dishwasher made for me one day, and I haven't been the same since. The combination of OJ and milk is vomit inducing to the untrained palette. But, try it and you'll soon realize the genius of those curveball Dominicans. It's refreshing, complex, and absolutely divine. Now, Miguel tried explaining to me how to make it, but my MS is laughable compared to his. Get a real Dominican to make it and you can't go wrong.

*Note: This would be killer with some rum added. But too many of those and you'll be spending mucho tiempo en el baño, y no mas soñado.

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