Sunday, February 10, 2008

Qui non?

Hey everybody, sorry for the inconsistant blog posts recently. I have been busy... blah blah blah. Who isn't busy these days? Well, I have also been spending nearly all of my free time daydreaming. About what, you ask? Good question. Remember how I wrote a few posts before about how I wish I could work on a farm in Mongolia? I've been thinking about it recently and I had a bit of an epiphany:

Why not?

("Qui non?" coincidentally, was the family motto of the Marquis de Lafayette. Coincidence or cosmic connection? I prefer the latter. Also, if I ever got a tatoo, it would be that phrase)

I guess I am realizing that I don't have to do anything! I don't have to have a "real" life right now. Why go for the predictable? I mean, I honestly hate my job. Imagine that! I love being a tour guide, but I hate being involved in the business end of it. Damn you promotions! It takes a certain type of person to do these things, or a certain large sum of money, both of which I lack. I can't do it. I am going to tell my boss that I don't want to go to Spain with the company. I would be miserable, working 70 hours a week, and for what! The money is not there. The experience isn't either. I wouldn't appreciate Spain, because I would be working all the time. No. There has to be something else. I need to keep going, but this is not the way to do it.

As long as I am eating, sleeping, and not spending my parent's money, I can really do anything. So, I think I am going to go for it. I want to head for the hills. Trek through swamps. I want to brush sharp branches out of my face and have them cling for life to my shirt sleeves. I want to cut my knee on a rock. I want to eat things that others would laugh at. I want to be completely unable to communicate with another human being. I don't want to worry about cost management, governmental taxes and registration, or expansion of partner businesses. Come on. F that.

The only thing keeping me in Paris is the people: my friends and the awesome people I work with. But, come April, I'm outta here. It may not be Mongolia... but something like it. All I have to say is: Who's with me?



You are absolutely killing me!! Remember all our talks about you pushing yourself into situations that don't have to be?? MONGOLIA is one of them. My goodness, just kill me now!! When Dad and I read your latest blog I went white, felt sick and had to sit down and Dad started to laugh. Lord, take me now!!

ZeppJets said...

welcome aboard disillusion train matty. you seemed to be having such a good time as a grown up in munich! i never pegged you for one of us run away types. well the trick is really to find a destination that is in a comfortable climate, yet moderately stable. it seems that every place on the planet with a beach is also prone to the occasion rebel uprising, and all the safest places are too damn cold. there's a couple caribbean islands i'd like to be a farmer on. How's Curacao sound? My Papiamentu is a bit rusty, but i'm told that you can get by with a little Dutch and a little Portuguese, so that's nice...